My Story

I am the owner of this site, and my name is Wyatt. Growing up, most of my idle time was spent roaming the streets of the concrete jungle that is New York City. Although my Meemaw and Pawpaw were once both seasoned hunters down in North Carolina, most of their knowledge and wisdom fell upon deaf ears. Unfortunately, neither of my parents were the outdoorsy type. Although I’m a city boy through and through, I’ve always had somewhat of a fleeting interest in what life was like where my grandparents grew up. It wasn’t until after my grandparents passed away that I decided to be serious about getting in touch with my country roots. Up until that point, I had never experienced life outside of a big city and I wanted to challenge myself to grow out of my city boy persona. In all honesty though, my first few experiences out in the backcountry were absolute garbage and I questioned how anyone could have any interest in hunting or fishing outside of necessity. But as time passed and I actively tried my best to learn more about the outdoors, I became addicted. I started to not only enjoy hunting and fishing, but I found even more activities that gave me the peace of mind that I thought I’d never find. Although I still live in a big city, I make an active effort to spend time with nature whenever I have the chance. 

Why Did I Create This Site?

After sharing my stories and experiences with others in the small community I’ve found myself a part of, I decided to make a site to share what I’ve learned and all of my experiences with a larger audience. I hope that my site can not only be a resource, but also a community of readers that actively engage in discussion. My hope is that those who are new to the outdoors and even those who have years of experience can learn and share ideas and experiences.

What Can You Expect from This Site?

Readers of the site can expect to find useful information about topics ranging from hunting to kayaking, as well as reviews of products that we as a community might use in our outdoor activities and excursions.