Does a Windcheater Protect You from the Rain?

Rainy day in the cityYes, they do! However, they are only suitable for light showers that go on for a short while. Therefore, do not replace your rain jacket with a windcheater just yet.

Windcheaters, sometimes referred to as windbreakers, are jackets made from very lightweight fabrics. They serve different functions, such as offering you protection against cold, windy weather, and keeping you dry in drizzles for a short while.

Read on to find out more about windcheaters and the best ways to take care of the ones you have or the ones you intend to purchase.

What are the materials used in making windcheaters?

Well, windcheater manufacturers use different fabrics in the making of these functional pieces of clothing. Usually, they use synthetic materials like nylon or a mixture of fabrics with a water-repellant coating known as a DWR coating.

Some manufacturers add a significant merino wool content to make the jackets more breathable and comfortable to wear. The use of various technologies has ensured that the jackets are dirt repellant and easy to maintain.

Why are Windcheaters Ideal?

Windcheaters are Breathable.

Fabric breathability is generally crucial when it comes to sports apparel because you will sweat extensively all through your activity if your clothes are not breathable. Windcheaters are made of a single layer of tightly woven synthetic fabric, perfect for blocking wind and rain (for a short while) while still staying breathable. For this reason, they are perfect for all highly aerobic activities like running, hiking, etc.

Patagonina WIndbreaker
Patagonia Houdini Jacket

Windcheaters are Comfortable.

Most of the clothes we use for protection from weather changes are either too heavy, too big, or have some other factor that makes them uncomfortable to wear. However, windbreakers are very comfortable to wear due to their breathable and light nature that you may even forget you’re wearing them. They stretch better than regular rain jackets giving you great freedom of movement. They are also less noisy – meaning they don’t rustle as much as regular rain jackets when you move.

Windcheaters are Light.

Carrying extra pieces of clothing like sweaters or rain jackets can be very tiring. You either end up with a lot of luggage or use up a significant portion of packing space. With windbreakers, you will be able to avoid the scenarios mentioned above because they are very light and take up little packing space. This quality makes them the ideal clothing item to carry around with you for quick protection against abrupt weather changes.

Best Times to Wear Windcheaters

New York BrownstoneWe’ve established windcheaters are a must-have in your wardrobe. However, it does not mean that you can wear them all the time. So, when is the best time to break out that stylish jacket?

Windcheaters are best worn in autumn and spring when it’s windy, and the temperatures are moderate. They are perfect for outdoor activities when you need quick weather protection that you cannot find with hard-shell jackets.

Additionally, they are an ideal fashion outfit for individuals who like to present themselves as sporty without the risk of being too uncomfortable.


Get something heavier when it gets extremely cold or stormy to avoid overstraining your light jacket. Very few windbreakers are designed to be multifunctional and are therefore not suitable for wear in persistent rain, cold, or extremely windy weather. 

It would help if you also kept in mind the fact that windcheaters are not as strong as hard-shell jackets. They can easily sustain irreparable damage during the rough-and-tumble type of sports or when they rub against rocks and other hard surfaces.

Care and Laundry Tips for Windcheaters

The proper care for your windcheater depends mostly on the fabric used in its creation. For this reason, it is wise to follow the manufacturer’s particular care instructions. However, other universal care tips work well, regardless of the type of fabric. If you stick to these rules as well as the manufacturer’s fabric care instructions, you will enjoy all the benefits of your jacket for a very long time.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent

Use liquid detergent instead of washing powder to clean your windcheater. Some powders have large particles that may clog the pores of the breathable fabric of your jacket.

Fabric Softener

Never use fabric softener as this may also negatively impact your fabric’s breathability.

Machine Washing

If you use a machine to do your laundry, always opt for the “delicates” cycle to wash your windbreaker as too much friction tends to damage fabrics. You can also wash your jacket by hand to be safe.


If you were wondering if windcheaters offer any protection against rain, then the answer is yes. However, you should know that this protection is temporary, and you may have to consider something heavier and more appropriate for harsh weather.

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