What Crossbow Is Used in the Walking Dead?

What crossbow is used in the walking dead?If you are a fan of TV shows like I am, you must have heard of The Walking Dead.

 While there are things that stand out in the famous TV series, the crossbow that Daryl Dixon, a character in the series, uses has attracted many admirers. 

Since season 1 of The Walking Dead, Daryl has been carrying and using his signature crossbow.

Crossbows have become must-have assets for many people today, especially for those who love hunting and target shooting. Could this be the reason why Daryl’s crossbow has made him a fan favorite?

What crossbow does he use in the show?

Daryl uses two different crossbows used in the show. According to Best Crossbow Guide, in Season 1 and 2 of the show, he uses the Horton Scout 125 HD. But in Season 3, he started using a Stryker Strykezone 380.

The Horton Scout 125 HD

The Horton Scout 125 HD is the crossbow used in the first two seasons. It turns out that the crossbow isn’t as badass as the show would lead you to believe. It is basically an entry-level bow for kids. Interestingly enough, the people behind the walking dead were fully aware of that. There were specific features of the bow that made the producers choose it as Daryl’s primary weapon. It’s light, compact, and good at close range.

That crossbow is pretty much a part of Daryl’s costume. He is almost always carrying his Horton Scout 125 HD. In many scenes of the show, he’s on his feet running through forests and other stretches of land. If he had a massive heavyweight crossbow slung across his body, it’d be kind of odd. As viewers, we suspend reality when watching a show, but the producers tried to make the scenes as close to reality as possible, I guess.

What Daryl needed the crossbow for also made choosing the Horton a sensible decision. Crossbows can be massive pieces of equipment. If I were going to pick a weapon to fight zombies, I can’t say that an xbow would be my first choice. Zombies are super agile and quick compared to deer, so hunting them down with my bazooka of an xbow might not be the best idea. But, the Horton is small, so in the show, at least, it wasn’t that much of an obstacle.

We also have to factor in that most crossbows work better when there’s some distance between the user and the target. An average-sized hunting crossbow would be practically useless at close range. In the show, you rarely see the crossbow used to shoot zombies from a long distance. Following that logic, the Horton would technically not be a wrong choice.

Ironically, these same features make me wonder if they thought through their decision well. It’s great that the crossbow is petite and somewhat useful in close range. But, I’d imagine it’d be too weak to kill a zombie. Hell, it barely has enough firepower to take down a squirrel. But that’s enough about the Horton, let’s move on to the next.

The Horton Scout 125 HD

Allow me to mention once more that this is the crossbow that Daryl uses in Season 1 of “The Walking Dead”. I want to believe that the director of the show chose this crossbow, out of many, because of its unique characteristics. Think about the crossbow that you are currently using, or the one you would like to own. 

There must be a reason why you like one crossbow and dislike another, right? This is the case for many people. To begin with, a Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow is lightweight. If you are looking for a crossbow that you will want to carry without having to complain of its heaviness, then this is one of them. 

If you have been a keen follower of the show and observant, you must have noticed that most of the times Daryl is carrying his Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow. I want to believe that for you to carry a crossbow for an extended period of time it has to be light, thus the show got the perfect crossbow for that. The long hours of walking through forests can only be bearable if you are using a Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow.

Another characteristic of this crossbow is that it is small. Its size makes it ideal for “The Walking Dead” TV show because you cannot be carrying a large weapon that will derail you as you fight zombies, which puts you to more risk. Therefore, the small size of the crossbow allows the person who is handling it to be more comfortable, whether he is hunting or target shooting. 

Would you like to shoot at a close range or from a long distance? I know your shooting experience is different from someone else’s and that can be as a result of one’s technique and skill. That being said, a Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow is good when you are shooting from a close range. 

In the show, you rarely see the crossbow being used to shoot zombies from a long distance. This is an indication of the close shooting range quality of a Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow. When you are using this crossbow and you shoot from a long distance, the speed of your arrow decreases, thus making it difficult to hit your target. 

These are the main characteristics of the Horton Scout 125 HD crossbow used in “The Walking Dead”. If they are the qualities you would like to have in a crossbow, you can opt for it. Now let’s get to learn about the Stryker Strykezone 380.

The Stryker Strykezone 380

The Stryker Strykzone 380 is Daryl’s weapon after Season 2. Just like the Horton Scout 125 HD, the Strykzone 380 has qualities that make it an ideal one for the show. The critical difference, however, is that it’s not only suitable for the show, but also real life.

It’s a crossbow that hunting and target shooting fans can be excited about. Just like the Horton, this crossbow is quite light (it weighs in at about 7lbs) but is noticeably larger. It has a 9 ½-inch axle-to-axle width (15 ½ inches when cocked), a 15 ½-inch power stroke, and an overall length of 34 ½ inches. This bow is powerful also insanely powerful when you compare it to the Horton. The StrykeZone 380 is rated at 380 fps with a 160-pound draw weight.

It’s fast enough to nail a squirrel at 20-yards and powerful enough to kill a real-life zombie.

According to Petersen at BowHunting.com, one of the qualities of the Stryker Strykezone 380 crossbow is that it is easy to set up.

If you are more of a hunter than a target shooter, then the Stryker Strykezone 380 is a crossbow you will want to sample. That is why it is not only used in the TV show to kill zombies but also to hunt. For all crossbow hunters and those thinking of becoming such, this is a crossbow you can go own.

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